Vehikl joins Fibernetics Ventures

by vehikl on May 22, 2015

The Vehikl crew joined Fibernetics Ventures in December of 2014 and are excited to announce the ongoing growth and success of this partnership. If you follow our work and happen to find yourself perusing this blog, you’re likely already aware that our focus is on enhancing user experiences through innovative product design, and providing customers with advanced technical leadership in product development and design.

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This month at Vehikl

by vehikl on April 30, 2015

The weekend of April 25th the Vehikl team took a short road trip south of the border to attend Erie Day of Code in Erie, Pennsylvania. The one-day developer event included talks, workshops, and open discussions about the progression of Web Development and Open Source.

Guelph PHP

On April 29th, as a silver sponsor, the Vehikl team attended the Guelph PHP (GPUG) user group at the Fibernetics Ventures building where Andrew Berry, a senior developer at Lullabot, talked about his experiences working on the Tonight Show website.

Mimicking bind, call and apply

by vehikl on April 17, 2015

In a piece about JavaScript’s this, Colin DeCarlo discusses mimicking bind, call and apply:

Recently, I’ve been working on a presentation about JavaScript’s this. this is a really interesting topic and the preparation has got me thinking a lot about context and how it’s applied within the execution of a JavaScript function.

I wanted to see if I could mimic the bind, call and apply methods of Function.prototype from first principles. I wasn’t sure if this was even going to be possible as this in a functions execution context is really well protected. In the end, bind turned out to be my work horse, whether using bind in the implementation of these functions is considered cheating is for you to decide.

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Why Wireframe?

by Caryn Humphreys on January 7, 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright quote

Wireframing is a highly valuable step in planning your development project. Wireframes can save you time, money and effort down the line by planning out architecture, functionality and content before ever beginning design or development.

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Mobile UI kits and wireframe templates

by Caryn Humphreys on December 5, 2014

Wireframing can be something quick and dirty, or it can be a large task that takes time to perfect. For those of us who don’t have whiteboards lining our walls or confidence in our sketching skills, there are free templates in a range of options. From print-out templates of iPhones to Sketch and Photoshop templates for responsive websites – there are options out there for everybody!

UI8 Wireframe Kit (AI) by Creativedash

ui8 wireframe kit

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