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Do More During Registration in Laravel 5

September 9, 2015

Laravel 5 ships with some really handy traits that will take care of some of the more mundane aspects of building a modern web app. The RegistersUsers trait used by the AuthController handles functionality which I was happy to hand off to the framework. For those unfamiliar with it, the RegistersUsers trait handles loading your registration view and processing the registration form submission (this includes validation and logging in your newly registered user).

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Adding Twitter Bootstrap to Your Laravel 5 App

August 5, 2015

When I’m starting a new project there are a lot of things I need to think about; too many things really and it’s because of this that I rely so heavily on open source projects. Like many developers, I don’t want to spend time writing the 80% of the mandatory code that every app needs to make my special 20% shine. That’s why I’m pretty excited that now, starting in Laravel 5.1.3, adding Twitter Bootstrap to my application got so simple it’s almost embarrassing that I’ve committed bootstrap.min.css to my project repo in the past.

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