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What is User Experience Design?

January 31, 2014

User Experience (UX) applies to every interaction a person has with your company.  This includes branding, marketing, phone calls, or directly interacting with your product or service itself.  Because UX is so important, it is a pivotal part of our development process to dedicate time to familiarizing ourselves with your brand image, your messaging and your target customers to ensure that we’re designing the right product for your customers.

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Developing for Startups

October 31, 2013

We’ve spent some time in the last couple weeks talking about what sets us apartour supports, and the successes we’ve had.  This week we’re going to talk about our role in this community and our dedication to startups.

We started out in this region over ten years ago when we started designing websites for local businesses.  With more than 500 websites under our belts, we started to watch the birth of this active startup community and saw potential for us to contribute to such a neat new avenue of growth!

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Anatomy of a startup community: part 3

September 24, 2013

Success Stories

We’ve walked through what makes Waterloo region great, as well as our powerful community supports.  In Part 3: Success Stories, we’ll be looking at a couple of the most prolific startups.

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Anatomy of a startup community: part 2

September 23, 2013

In Part 1: Welcome to Waterloo Region, we introduced you to our community and took you on a tour of some of our most influential facilities that help produce our community of innovators.  Let’s take a look at where our innovators go for support and growth to get their ideas created!

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Anatomy of a startup community: part 1

September 20, 2013

Waterloo region has been making a name for itself on the world stage as an influential startup community.  So how did we get here, who’s in the limelight, and what are our secrets to success?

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