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Mobile UI kits and wireframe templates

December 5, 2014

Wireframing can be something quick and dirty, or it can be a large task that takes time to perfect. For those of us who don’t have whiteboards lining our walls or confidence in our sketching skills, there are free templates in a range of options. From print-out templates of iPhones to Sketch and Photoshop templates for responsive websites – there are options out there for everybody!

UI8 Wireframe Kit (AI) by Creativedash

ui8 wireframe kit

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Extend vs. Mixins in Less

May 27, 2014

If you’ve ever used Less before, you’ve almost definitely leveraged the power of mixins to DRY up your stylesheets.

Maybe you had some standard button styling like this:

.btn {
  background: blue;
  color: white;

…and you wanted to include those styles in another more specific button.

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Tech Community User Groups

February 27, 2014

When working in the tech community you can often find yourself working in a silo. While immersing yourself in your discipline is necessary for domain knowledge, to truly work toward explicit expertise, your best bet is talking to others within the same discipline who can help illustrate what you don’t know you don’t know.

User Groups are where developers or designers meet to discuss common interests within specific disciplines; taking advantage of the benefits of peer learning while also maintaining valuable network relationships.

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Virtual Pageviews for Google Analytics

February 25, 2014

The Scenario: You have built a beautiful single-page website or web application, and you’ve included the traditional  Google Analytics tracking snippet:

The Problem: Having only the one page, you are only seeing one metric for pageviews in Analytics – hits on your index page. The Solution: Asynchronous tracking and Virtual Pageviews. Read the rest of this post »

The 30 Minute Wireframe

February 20, 2014

Wireframing is the part of the UX process where you begin to visualize the landscape of the interface you’ll be designing.  Don’t worry if you aren’t an artist; you don’t need to be. All you need is graph paper and a pen. If you use a pencil you’ll be tempted to erase mistakes. Using a pen gets you used to how disposable these are. You will go through a lot of versions of your wireframes. It’s okay – that’s expected! The whole idea of the 30 Minute Wireframe is to get you comfortable with throwing it away and making a new one. Read the rest of this post »