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Ten Ways to Teach Kids to Code

January 9, 2016

Many of us have kids in our lives (sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, etc.) who see us engaged in programming and coding regularly. And as kids do, they love to be involved in things we’re doing. Here are ten ways you can get those kids involved!

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Sticky footer with Flexbox

September 25, 2015

So you’ve got body content and a footer. Unfortunately you’ve got a page that contains a small amount of content, and you notice your footer floating part way up the page. Gross!

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Discovery with clients

September 15, 2015

Every team has its own way of handling project ramp up. That part of a project where you get to know the client and what you’ll be building for them. You attend meetings, and in greenfield cases you plan the minimum viable product (MVP) that your team will be building, then your team equips itself as best as possible to get to work.

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Google Analytics and Angular

July 19, 2015

The Scenario: You’ve built your web app using Angular and you’re just about ready to launch. You’d like some tracking to keep an eye on flow and behavior through your app (because you build > test > iterate, right?!).

The Problem: What you need to track are states. You already know how to insert Virtual Pageviews with Google Analytics, but that won’t work with Angular. So what do you do?

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Why Wireframe?

January 7, 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright quote

Wireframing is a highly valuable step in planning your development project. Wireframes can save you time, money and effort down the line by planning out architecture, functionality and content before ever beginning design or development.

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